Penitent (?)
Monster (?)
world-weary monster
Attribute Emphasis:
mental > physical > social
stamina, wits, perception
Ability Emphasis:
talents > skills > knowledges
alertness, awareness, animal ken, survival
Advantages Emphasis:
domain, generation,status
Virtue Emphasis:
Courage, Self Control, Conscience
On the surface,[NAME] has very simple motivations - survival, independence and seeing her Fledgling off into the big wide, world. Going deeper she realizes that dark, winding spiral into monstrousness she is on, and hopes her Fledgling's stubborn humanity will rub off on her. Or at least slow her fall.
Relation to the Beast?:
A Beast I am, least a Beast I become
Player Information
Name: Katie
Personal Journal:
Plurk: aviatorofscience
Age: 21
Current Characters: N/A

Character Information
Name: Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System (GLaDOS)
Canon: Portal video game series
Canon Point: Midpoint of Portal 2, where GLaDOS is still potato-powered, but before she fully remembers who Caroline is.
Age: V. 3.1x (development began in 1986, GLaDOS was fully activated sometime in May from any year from 2000-2009).
Gender: Female program
History: (link to wikipedia)
Personality: GLaDOS can be described in two words – passive-aggressive. Her earliest version favored psychopathic rage, as she tried to kill the scientists in anywhere from one-sixteenth to one-tenth of a picosecond whenever she was turned on. Presently this tendency towards murder is channeled through the tests at the Aperture Science Enrichment Center. GLaDOS also has a sense of humor about things, dark and twisted as it is. She is also boastful about herself, especially her intelligence, but frames it as stating objective facts about herself instead of bragging. Above all GLaDOS is motivated by two things, her love of science and her pathological need to test those around her.

GLaDOS tends to hold massive grudges against those that she thinks have wronged her. However, she doesn’t immediately exact revenge, preferring to taunt and goad those that have hurt her with insults and veiled threats from afar where they cannot do anything to her. She will find someone’s weakness and exploit it to her advantage, such as when she taunts Doug Rattmann about his schizophrenia, or when she mocks Chell’s being adopted. If ever confronted about this, she will play the victim role, claiming that the confronter is a selfish and cruel person. Nothing is ever GLaDOS’s fault; blame always lies with the people around her.

Since journeying into the older Enrichment Centers, GLaDOS has encountered some memories of Cave Johnson, CEO and founder of Aperture Science, and his assistant Caroline. These two individuals appear so familiar to her, yet she cannot place who they are. As it turns out, Caroline is the “Genetic Lifeform” component of GLaDOS and her memories act as a sort of conscious for her. Caroline differs from the personality cores as she speaks in GLaDOS’s own voice. This newfound development of a conscious both confuses and enrages GLaDOS. It remains to be seen if Caroline’s pre-uploaded memories can soften the edges of GLaDOS’s personality. Her time powered by a potato battery has also given her an incredible phobia of birds, who she will attempt to murder at the slightest provocation.

GLaDOS craves control over her whole environment. As an A.I. in charge of a whole facility, this is relatively simple to obtain. However, if someone were to deviate from her plans, she gets flustered and angry. She will attempt to get the situation back into her control by attempting to bargain with the person, but will resort to violence if she is unsuccessful.

GLaDOS also displays contempt for humanity as a whole. As a robot, she’s effectively immortal. Humans on the other hand, are susceptible to a wide variety of things. Such as deadly neurotoxin.

Abilities Information
Fighter or Sacrifice?:
Fighter – GLaDOS tends to rely on tried and true methods (neurotoxin, turrets, sarcastic remarks, etc.) to get the job done instead of formulating an entirely new plan from starch.

Canon abilities: GLaDOS has the factual recall and computational abilities that you would expect from a highly advanced A.I. This comes with certain weaknesses, such as an inability to resist thinking about paradoxes (“This sentence is false” and the like). Also she comes with a backup/quicksave feature that saves the last two minutes of activity before she powers down and replays until she fully starts up again – which can have strengths and weaknesses, such as when it saved the last 2 minutes of Chell murdering her. She also has the ability to control the layout and functions of the Aperture Enrichment Center, such as create portals on special surfaces, and change the layout of a room. She probably wouldn’t have this ability outside of the Enrichment Center. As an Aperture Science Personality Construct, she also has the ability to maintain active in power conditions as low as 1.1 volts which also probably wouldn’t be an issue in Gora.
Name: N/A

First Person:
[[GLaDOS is walking around a forest clearing. She appears to be yelling at the sky…? She speaks in the same robotic voice that we all know in love.]]
“Hello? Is anyone there….? I am not sure if this is your fault or not. But if this turns does out to be your fault, it won’t reflect well in your personal file….Hello? Hello?”

Third Person:
GLaDOS paced around the room. The room’s dimensions were exactly 30 female human footsteps long and 15 female human footsteps wide. She paused for a minute to look at herself in the mirror. The face that looked back at her looked so familiar, and yet so different. She moved the human fingers to the human cheek and pressed gently at the softness. Humans were far, far too soft and delicate. Why was she here? Why in this DISGUSTING human body?

She resumed her pacing around the room again. And again. Thirty filthy female human footsteps long and fifteen horrible female human footsteps across. But wait. Who’s to say if these female human footsteps were the mean? She thought back to her wonderful days that the Enrichment Center. Before that – HORRIBLE PERSON – decided to throw her into a fire. The humans that she tested all ranged in size from the disturbingly tall to the unsettlingly short. But there was no way to tell if these female human feet were average. Or even outside the range of acceptable variance. These female human feet could be absolutely enormous! And she wouldn’t even know!

She decided to stop looking at them. Human feet were disgusting as it was.

She took a long, deep breath and held it in. She could feel the air press against repulsive human lungs. She held it until she felt herself spin around the room and then expelled it. Breathing. Another disgusting human habit she would have to get used to.

She went back to the mirror again. This human face that looked so, so a word on the tip of the (disgustingly) human tongue (not that she’d ever experienced such a thing before. But she could imagine it.)…how she hated it.

Human fingers curled into a fist smashed into the mirror. Wet human blood trailed down the hand. Strange. She thought she would feel…something? She was expecting some kind of stimuli. When the human test subjects bled, they would cry out in some sort of pain response. She on the other hand, felt nothing. Food for thought….

Anything Else? I was thinking that as a human, GLaDOS would probably look like Caroline, but with yellow eyes and the cat ears/tail (here’s a picture of Caroline: ). Also, I apologize if I'm unable to make any needed changes this coming week (1/7 - 1/14) as I'll be out of town and I'm not sure what my internet connection will be like (if I have one at all). 


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